A unique program - personal meetings and guaranteed results!



We at Half Shira believe in our method-

No diet food, no withdrawal from favorite foods, with lots of guidance and guidance.


After accompanying thousands of satisfied customers to success and maintaining the achievement, we are pleased to present:

Program did not download - you did not pay!

This is the only program in "Hatis Shira" that requires coming to a weekly meeting at our office in Herzliya.


What will you get in the program?


· 12 personal meetings with Shira and a certified clinical dietician

· Daily escort

· A personal diagnostic meeting with a certified clinical dietician

· Putting together a personal eating plan, a nutritious, satisfying and varied menu

· Accompaniment of a coach who accompanies "Half Shira" customers to success

· Daily monitoring of a personal eating diary

Weekend support availability 

· Access to the "Hatis Shira" website

Culinary instruction booklet

Weekly weighing update

· Availability of the office staff by phone, Facebook, WhatsApp

· Participation in the "Secret Group" of "Half Shira" on Facebook

· Participation in the WhatsApp group of half-singing participants

· Use of an advanced dedicated application





For weight loss easily and effortlessly!


To check suitability for the half-singing program, leave details or call  09-8858565



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